After two years, I met someone for the first time. The same day I met them for the first time, I closed the distance. The same day I closed the distance, I got married.

Now doing such a crazy thing has consequences, as I soon learned.

From catfishing, amongst other things.

But I still run this page for LDRs, to protest against Cyber bullying,and help heal from LDR breakups.

I also write poetry about my boyfriend. So unless the quotes are stated as someone else's, they are mine.

My experience was proof that with hard work and commitment, you can close the distance with your significant other. And the other people I share are too.

My heart currently resides in Alabama. We try to visit each other often and have been dating for several months now.

I share my new experience with you. And look forward to you sharing with me yours.

I also try to do my best to give ordinary relationship advice as well.

*No content is of my own unless stated so*

ALL are welcome!

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The love is strong with this one 💘 damn it

across the pond

Three months ago I met a boy. Not just any boy he was special. He made me laugh like no one could. I decided to continue talking to him after we met online. Next thing I know, I fell in love with him. He loves batman and doctor who same as me. We are both crazy in the head which is perfectly fine with us. Once we started dating, everyone of our friends had doubts. You see I live in North Carolina in the U.S, He lives in Halifax in the U.K. We both know that a long distance relationship would be difficult but when you find that special someone, It is worth it. I sent him a necklace/dogtag in the mail. Since we are both obsessed with batman its batman he has half I have half. He is after all My Hero. He is trying to save up the money to fly over here next summer and I am busy saving money myself. A plane ticket is a little under $2000. :/ But Trust me when I say he is worth every penny. I can’t wait for the day he gets off that plane and I can finally be whole again. <3


We’re not ready to say #goodbye… #ldr #longdistance #ldrproblems #longdistancerelationships #sayinggoodbye (at South Beach Park - Fairhope Pier)


We’re not ready to say #goodbye…
#ldr #longdistance #ldrproblems #longdistancerelationships #sayinggoodbye (at South Beach Park - Fairhope Pier)


Never did I think I could #love another’s #child so much. It only adds to my sadness about leaving… #ldrproblems #longdistance #longdistancerelationships

I cried. Hard. I gave her loads of kisses and caused her many smiles before I left but I sobbed saying goodbye&#8230;


Never did I think I could #love another’s #child so much. It only adds to my sadness about leaving… #ldrproblems #longdistance #longdistancerelationships

I cried. Hard. I gave her loads of kisses and caused her many smiles before I left but I sobbed saying goodbye…

“Hi there! So I've been with my boyfriend for a year and almost 2 months now. He lives in Virginia and I live in Tennessee. I get to see him next summer and I'm super excited but also really nervous. A year after that, we will be closing the distance too, therefore he will be moving to Tennessee. I was wondering how it was to finally meet for the first time? Were you nervous? Happy? Excited? Scared? Im ready to meet him and I can't wait but I think I'm gonna be really nervous.”

"ELLO there puppet!" 
Awesomeness! I always love hearing good news and another couple closing the distance. 
To be honest? I was all of the above. lol 
More so scared though. I’m not sure how much you know about my own LDR story, but my boyfriend/fiance isn’t my first rodeo. I actually got married to someone else two years ago after being two years long distance, and it didn’t work out. He was a catfish and so much more negative things unfortunately. 
So when it was time to meet my boyfriend, I was VERY nervous that although we had tango’d and talked over tinychat with other friends and whatnot, he still wouldn’t be who he said he was. 
So you can imagine my RELIEF when I saw him at that bus station and he looked exactly how he said he did and whatnot. (So did my family and friends as well. LOL) 
I say just take deep breaths, and think about all of the awesome things you have to look forward to. My boyfriend and I made a bucket list for when he would come to visit me, and when I would go down there to visit him. It gave us a lot to look forward to before the first big meetup. 
We crossed off about 75% of them, and plan to do the rest whenever we can. 
Heck, I’m excited for you! Lol But yeah it’s normal to be nervous and scared but trust me. Once you see them? It’ll feel so amazing. You may be shy in the beginning and take time for that big kiss, or you may see each other immediately and kiss right then and there on the spot! 
The first time I met mine I could hardly even make eye contact until we were both alone and took everything in. lol 
But the second time I had seen him last month? I TACKLED him. Almost knocked him over! And my dude isn’t a small guy! He used to be a freaking linebacker and used to weigh at least 240! lol It was a bit of a scene for the bus station people to take in but not one solid poo was given. lol 

But yeah just follow your heart and think happy thoughts! I’m sure you’ll do fine! :)


For him, for my new family, for my new friends and for the beach! I’m ready. #ldr #longdistance #longdistancerelationships


For him, for my new family, for my new friends and for the beach! I’m ready. #ldr #longdistance #longdistancerelationships

"Too far away to touch you
Too far away to kiss
Too far away to hold your hand
Too far away to feel bliss
Too far away to double date
Too far away to walk
Too far away to just meet up
And sit down and have a talk
You’re far away for me to want you
Far away for me to love
Far away for me to need you
Every time I could use a hug
Far away to savor every moment
Every time that you are near
Far away to cherish every skype call
Far away for me to shed tears
Far away for me to have people doubt us
Far away for me to have faith
Far away for me to trust you
And believe anything that you say
You’re far away for me to touch my screen
When I see your face upon it
You’re far away for me to be jealous
When I see you among friends
You’re far away for me to want this
Because I know one day my waiting will end
We will no longer be distant
And our adventures together will begin "

"Im afraid that every kiss might be our last and it terrifies me because I know someday I’ll finally be right. "

— These are all for you #7 (via telescopical)

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My fiance just made me cry…

What no one knows is that RIGHT before I talked to him online, I had just met this nice guy who IRONICALLY had the SAME exact name as my Paul. Met him online too, but he lived in the same state with me and things lead to another and I grew close to the one that lived here.

…When I met my future soulmate online, he was very quick to voice his interest in me. And although I was bent on not liking him whatsoever like that…I just couldn’t stop talking to my future Paul.

My  Paul knew about the other, and still wanted a fighting chance. He nearly begged me to give him it. That he knew that we were meant to be together…And I believed him. I still don’t know how I did to this day.

The guy here stopped really talking to me that much and it hurt because I had invested a lot of feelings into him. But I couldn’t let go without feeling closure because I was too afraid to get into a long distance relationship. I had already been down that road and it led me to a divorce after 4 years of being committed. …But my baby still didn’t quit. He still stayed and he wouldn’t let me push him away even when I was hurting him. Until I finally talked to the guy here and we just ended whatever it was we had. After I had ended it, I realized that it had hardly hurt

….And that I DID in fact want my fiance. I was just too damn foolish to realize it. I ran to him happily and we’ve been happily together since. 

I don’t give him enough credit. So when we were going through our old timelines tonight and talking for hours…. I saw that he posted this song when I was still being indecisive and I just broke down.

This man has loved me from the very moment he and I talked to each other on that post.

I am so grateful and I just don’t understand how I got to have someone so amazing…I love him so much… I’m crying my ass off.

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I’m not ready….
I’m not ready for our first hellos.
Our first hugs and kisses.
For his voice to actually sound so crystal clear when he speaks.

For me to be able to touch his hands.
To be able to touch his face.
I’m not ready to fall in love,
Just to see him walk away.
I’m not ready to be so happy to see him
I’m not ready to feel like he’s truly mine
I’m not ready to dread every hour that passes
Because I know he’ll have to go back home after some time
I’m not ready to grow closer to him
I’m not ready for our first date
I’m not ready to wake up and realize that he’s sleeping in front of me.
I’m not ready for the, “I love you’s.”
I’m not ready to be missed
When he has to go back home.
And walks away after giving me a kiss.
I’m not ready to watch him leave.
I’m not ready for me to cry
As I feel completely empty
When he has to say, “Goodbye.”

(18 days until I see him)




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